Bootylicious for him and her


Train your glutes!

First AFN blogpost EVER! We’ll tell you guys all about our AFN journey so far in later posts but first we want you to get summer ready. So start building that booty already! (I’m also talking to the guys out there 😉 )

Educational intermezzo starts here

So before I give you the workout I’ll explain a little about how I write them down, you can break this up in the following 6 parts:

The ‘Group’ represented by a letter (A, B, C etc.). Most of the exercises are done in groups (sometimes supersets but more about them later), this means that you will do the exercises almost immediately after each other and take a rest after you completed the ‘group’.

The name of the exercise, when you are not familiar with the exercise you can easily look them up at youtube! Later on we will also make some vlogs about our workouts

Number of Sets;the number of sets tells you how many times you have to do x reps of that exercise

Number of reps (repetitions); the number of reps tells you how many times you have to do that exercise

Tempo; the tempo will be represented in four digitals, these digitals represent the time in which you will do the exercise. An easy way to think about which digit represent which movement is that the first digit means ‘in or down’, the second represents the pause at the bottom, the third ‘out or up’ and the fourth the pause at the top
The rest in seconds you get to take after completing 1 set

So for example:
AFull squat312301060

You have to do 12 full squats at a time with a tempo of 3010. This means that you to count to 3 while going down, bending the legs, take 0 seconds pause at the bottom and go up, straighten the legs, in 1 second and again take 0 seconds pause at the top immediately starting the next rep for 12 times. After 12 full squats you completed 1 set and you get 60 seconds of rest. When there are multiple exercises in one ‘group’ you complete 1 set of them all in the written order. You complete the full amount of sets of one group before going on to the next group.

To read more about this go to this blog!

Educational intermezzo ends here

That was the boring part, here comes the workout! It is up to you whether you add weights to the exercises but I prefer you do! The idea is that you feel the last couple of reps burn but can complete the entire set.

Warmup with 10 squat jumps, 10 lunges (when at the bottom bring your knee forward to stretch for a few seconds), 5 handwalks

A1Stability Ball hamstring curl320202010
A2Dumbbell step ups315201060
B1Sumo squats315301010
C1Glute Bridges320301010
C2Lunges with Smith machine312301060
D1Cable donkey kicks315301010
D2Heck squats312301060

To get more info about how to train your booty and legs also check out this video!

Happy workout and you can always post your results on facebook or Instagram tagging us 🙂